Fabric repairs are required for this unique historic building in Portobello and to make fit for purpose for the 21st century so that it provides space for community and congregational life. Like all Scottish Episcopal Churches, St Mark’s is self-supporting and the trustees are solely responsible for maintaining this historic gem in Portobello and for building its future.

However this project is far more than a Refurbishment Project. We are also seeking to use this time to grow spiritually and serve our communities – in our families and friends, in Portobello and the other communities which we live in. We are using the time to reflect on our ministry and mission.

The renewal of the building opens up the possibility of change and renewal as a community of faith.

On this page you will find the general information about the plans for the building and congregation. However, due to the rising costs of labour and materials and the general economic climate, we have had to split the Project into 5 phases. Please follow links to discover what is happening at each phase:

Phase 1: The ramp – ensuring everyone can come into the building safely and that the front of the building is beautiful.

Phase 2: The main floor – repairs to the whole building, improving the carbon footprint of the building, new flooring and lighting and installing a kitchen and a fully accessible bathroom.

Phase 3 & 4: Back fire exit and downstairs – a safe stairway to the downstairs, and the reconfiguration of the downstairs rooms to make two community rooms, three bathrooms and a tea preparation area.

Phase 5: Creation of balcony rooms – to provide additional office and storage space.

This project was launched in 2019 … before the Pandemic and the huge rise in building labour and materials costs that we have seen in the last few years. These have made fundraising exceptionally difficult and raised costs enormously.

Please click here to see our leaflet for more details and also ways in which you may be able to help. If you are able to support our fundraising in any way, please contact us.

You can donate online here via give.net