George Sinclair Laker was a footman with Col Sinclair in Duddingston House. He was born in Fittleworth in Sussex to Walter Laker – Flour Millar and Ellen Laker – M.S. Mitchell. He died of Acute Appendicitis, Blood poisoning for 6 days. Death certified by Charles Cathcart. FRCS. Death Registered by Hugh Sinclair (Employer).

The 1901 Census states that George lived with his Mother and Father and his 7 siblings. Also Emma Mitchell aged 33 his aunt on the maternal side.

Appendicitis was a common cause of death in the early 1900. In 1902 the coronation of Edward V11 was postponed because it was thought he had appendicitis. His surgeon Sir Frederick Treves and his assistant Lord Lister performed a procedure by draining the infected pus from the abdomen, as the King refused a surgical procedure. Treves performed many appendectomies (his first one in the 1880’s) his only daughter Hetty died in 1900 of appendicitis. Treves himself died of peritonitis in 1923 aged 70.