In 2022, the congregation undertook Phase 1a which aimed to move us towards clearer ideas of what was required. There were two extra steps at the top of the existing stone steps going into the chancel (where the altar is). This was a wooden box on top of the tiles installed after a fire in the 1970s. By removing this, we could see that the plans for the chancel (two small rooms) were no longer necessary. It returned the chancel to its original size and proportions.

In 2024, we are edging closer to being able to start work on the repairs to this beautiful building and laying down the foundations for the redesign of the back of the church to include a kitchen and an extra bathroom.

A number of grants have already been confirmed, including from the National Churches Trust, the FCC Foundation, the Scottish Episcopal Church, the Baird Trust, the Beatrice Laing Foundation, the Benefact Trust, the Portobello Amenity Group.

We are waiting to hear from other funding applications we have submitted and have committed church reserves to the project.

We are hoping that the funds we currently have will include new flooring and lighting, repairs to the whole building, including the windows. We are still seeking the top up funds to be able to complete this phase of the project. If you would like to contribute, we would be so grateful, please follow this link: Surely together we can restore this unique building to its former glory!

and also ways in which you may be able to help. If you are able to support our fundraising in any way, please contact us.

You can donate online here via