Our Priorities for the Building

Our priorities were discerned from a number of Congregational Mission and Study Days, Open Days for the local area, conversations with neighbours and with those who currently rent our building.
Fabric Repairs are needed but we also need to future-proof church for the next 200 years. The current situation is that:

  • The ceiling needs fixed
  • The floor is uneven
  • Lighting neither original, nor safe to maintain/change bulbs
  • Decoration – in sad state
  • Poor access for those with mobility issues
  • Currently only one proper bathroom, and a small toilet
  • Kitchen not up to current community standards
  • Access to downstairs rooms are only through church
  • No accessible ramps in keeping with the building (we have had complaints from Historic Scotland)

We want to be …

  • A welcoming church … a really lovely space to be in for a wide range of activities
  • An accessible church, where people of all mobilities can come in and fully participate in all that goes on
  • A church which speaks of God’s love for all
  • A flexible space – which can be used in many different ways – from small groups to large groups, informal worship to full ritual services, from concerts and rehearsals to spaces for counselling, from children’s dance lessons to fitness classes for the elderly.