Do join us to celebrate Holy Week and Easter

Holy Week is the week when we remember the last few days of Jesus’ life and his walk of love. During the week, he came to Jerusalem hailed as a king, and then showed what a king truly is. He taught his friends, was anointed by Mary at Bethany, and then gave us two rituals to help us to remember how much he loved us and how much we were to love each other. At his last supper, he blessed and broke bread, and washed the feet so his disciples.

He then prayed in a garden, and after a ‘trial’ was sentenced to death on a cross.

Three days later, he rose again and appeared to his friends.

This is the week that remembers the actions of Jesus which sit at the heart of our faith. During the services of the week, we enact many of those last days, to enable us to enter the suffering of the world, and in the midst of the suffering, to find God walking alongside offering hope, love and life. Please do join us for any of the services.

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