Season of Pilgrimage

The Scottish Episcopal Church is celebrating a Season of Pilgrimage. There are events arranged for the whole Diocese of Edinburgh, including a conference in January 2022 and a Big Walk to the Cathedral in May 2022.

St Mark’s is also taking this year to explore the theme of Pilgrimage. We have a number of activities planned, some of which will enable us to do physical pilgrimages together, others which enable us to reflect on the pilgrimages of our lives, and spend time intentionally walking more closely with God.

August 2021 – you are invited to our gardens to do a mini-pilgrimage. Around the gardens are invitations to conversation and thought – perhaps bring a friend to speak with or take the time to intentionally speak with God. For those who cannot come to the gardens, we have a video version of the pilgrimage.

Further details will be added here as they are arranged.